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Renee Baker

Renee Baker is a licensed professional counselor.  She is a general practitioner helping individuals, couples and families to be more healthy and whole, more loving and kind, and more genuine and authentic.  Her specialties are in the areas of gender and sexuality, working primarily with the LGBT population and their families.  Youth have played a prominent part of her practice.  She offers group counseling as well and has five or six groups going on at any given time.  Renee enjoys helping transgender individuals through gender transitions.  She feels deeply honored to help lesbian, gay and poly families develop relationships that flow a bit better and work through the tough stuff.  She helps families get on the same page and move in harmony better.  Her hope is for everyone to manage a bit more gracefully in lives that are always full of difficulty.

Renee comes at counseling from a diverse background.  Besides having a license in counseling, she is also a licensed massage therapist and had her own studio for several years.  She was a social worker for several years at a nonprofit youth agency providing crisis counseling and shelter.  She was a volunteer and board member at an LGBT youth agency and continues today to offer group counseling for youth and families.  She grew up in a family of teachers and was a teacher herself, teaching at the university level.  For over twenty years, she was an engineer designing algorithms, software and electronic hardware for radar, reconnaissance and telecommunication systems.   There is a good chance you’ll find her to be a bit nerdy and goofy, and often walking around outside with a camera.  She loves to laugh and talk about herself in the third person.  She hopes to get to know you and is happy to reciprocate that knowing.

Her style of counseling is about being mindful, loving and kind.  The affirmation below, read best while under the sun or moon, probably describes her genre of beliefs as well as anything.

See for more details.  Or call/text her at 214-607-5620.  And e-mail is

An Affirmation

I surrender to this moment. This moment is enough. I do not need another moment to be at peace. I choose peace.

I choose to be here. I choose this now. I surrender. All is well.