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Feleshia Porter, MS, LPC

Feleshia Porter received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Texas Woman's University. She graduated in 1997 and was licensed by the state of Texas as a Professional Counselor in 1999. Gender and sexual identities have always been her main areas of interest. Assisting people with those issues has led her to work with depression, social anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, suicidal ideations, and eating disorders.

Feleshia decided to become a counselor after spending many years working in the accounting field within Dallas, Texas, a decision she has never regretted. As of 1997, she is affiliated with the Texas Counseling Association and The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

Community Involvement

Over the years, Feleshia has had many opportunities to participate in her community. Some of the activities and organizations she has worked with are:

Youth First Texas | RCD Christmas Project | Pride Parade | Fairway to Equality | Razzle Dazzle Dallas | Suicide and Crisis Hotline

Awards and Recognitions

Feleshia has received several awards and recognitions for her work as a counselor. These include:

2011 Gear Ally Award |1996 Grand Marshal Alan Ross Freedom Parade |1994 Extra Mile Award |2004 TCA Molly Gerald Human Rights Award

Her Philosophies

Feleshia Porter is a client-centered cognitive therapist. Her approach is to accept her clients where they are without judgement, viewing their system of beliefs as the core of the world. She is interactive and offers her opinions when it feels appropriate. Her perspective on gender identity falls in the category of nature.

Working with gender-variant people has taught her that we are born with a gender identity intact, and our environment either supports or represses it. People who grow up with cross-gender identity struggle with emotional survival. Some take their natural identity and hide it, while doing their best to be the person they are told they should be.

Others boldly challenge gender expectations, only to suffer the criticism and rejection of peers and/or family when gender norms are crossed. How people deal with a cross-gender identity varies from person to person, and she does not try to suggest that everyone falls into these two categories. In fact, she is seeing a shift in the age of people dealing with gender.

At first, Feleshia only worked with adults. Now, she sees more teenagers. Parents are stepping up and finding help for themselves and their gender-dysphoric children. The dream of most clients she has worked with is the acceptance of parents, friends, and lovers. Although, as the old saying goes, "you cannot accept love from others until you love yourself." That's where Life Gets Better Together Counseling comes in to help people.

"I use not only all the brains I have, but all I can borrow."
-Woodrow Wilson

Favorite Theorists

Carl Rogers | Viktor Frankl | Albert Ellis | William Glasser | Harry Benjamin